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St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society

Saint Joseph’s Carpenter Society strives to improve the quality of life of the people of the City of Camden and its surrounding communities by promoting affordable housing and neighborhood development.  Through our initiatives, we encourage people to take charge of their lives and become active community members.

Saint Joseph’s Carpenter Society (SJCS) was founded in 1985 to help families improve their quality of life and create safe neighborhoods through homeownership.  SJCS has fostered homeownership, believing that homeownership leads to a higher quality of life by encouraging stability, fostering personal pride, promoting the development of community ties, allowing families to build wealth, and attracting private capital to under-invested areas.  To promote successful homeownership, SJCS performs three interrelated functions:  housing development, homeowner education, and community organizing.  SJCS’s primary work involves targeting abandoned homes for acquisition, rehabilitation, and sale to neighborhood families.

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