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Picture of Shepherd Intern, Hillary Cooper

Hillary Cooper, Anna’s Arts Program

It’s a pretty entertaining picture—five white, female college students driving a bright red Prius from uptown New Orleans into the Lower Ninth Ward, past abandoned homes, past the same homeless men sitting on benches, past numerous liquor stores, but not a single decent grocery store. I like to think of myself as a broad-minded person, […]

Internship: Anna’s Place NOLA

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Graham Colton

Graham Colton, Gateway Center

You may be reading this because you were struck by my victorious pose. One would think that I’m celebrating homelessness or my own victories during the summer, or even shifting attention from the homeless to me. I actually refuse to photograph the homeless (especially when portrayed as such), because doing so is exploitative and undermines […]

Internship: The Gateway Center

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Victoria Bell

Victoria Bell, Freedom School

In a Spartan duplex in rural Arkansas, my alarm greets me with a screech at 6 a.m. My muscles fight against waking, but I force them out of bed and jump into a cold shower. I throw breakfast together. This morning it’s an egg over-easy, half an avocado, and a mixed fruit salad. As I’m […]

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Allison Behrndt

Allison Behrndt, Rockbridge Area Health Center

“That’s a nice big hat you have on, sir.” “Thank you, mam,” replies this new patient. I am observing a new patient go through Eligibility Screening at the Rockbridge Area Health Center (RAHC). After they go over his proof of residence, tax forms, and monthly income, he has his vital signs and patient history taken […]

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Daniel Grear

Daniel Grear, Life Pieces to Masterpieces

6:00 a.m. sharp. The sound of metallic reverberation bombards my window as a construction site sputters awake. Welcome to the utterly predictable scheduling of urbanity. Though I open my eyes to an apartment of three roommates, I am out the door before any of them are out of bed. An early awakening ensures that our […]

Internship: Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM)

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Morgan Hobbs

Morgan Hobbs, Career Collaborative

I spent the majority of my summer in a crowded computer room overlooking the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts. Though I would love to someday work in the skyscrapers outside that office window, the primary purpose of my internship this summer was to help low-income adults navigate a challenging job market in a city with […]

Internship: Career Collaborative

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Paige Coomer

Paige Coomer, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

“Please name the children whom you would be willing to kill.” The gentle rippling of homemade picket signs and the distant hum of traffic are the only audible sounds on Louisville’s Belvedere, situated in view of the Ohio River. Farmer, poet, and Kentuckian Wendell Berry reads his poem “Questionnaire” to the attendees of the Energy […]

Internship: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Picture of Shepherd Intern, Rachael Bell

Rachael Bell, Atlanta Community Food Bank

While interning at the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB), most days were different. I would work on daily projects, visit community gardens in the metro Atlanta area, and help out with the different programs at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The ACFB has many programs including the Product Recovery Center (PRC), Kids In Need, and […]

Internship: Atlanta Community Food Bank

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